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There should be a package to suit every tired family in here and if there's a specific type of package you'd like to make more bespoke, please let me know hereYou don't need to sleep train to improve your families sleep and you can make gentle changes that are chosen by you with dedicated support from me. 

In here, you will always find evidence based information around sleep and child behaviour as well as always putting myself in your child's shoes when creating a bespoke plan for you. All calls via zoom can be recorded for you to keep at your request.

Nowhere within my support will you find any sleep training methods, cry it out strategies,  or modified versions of these kinds of strategies, ever!

Added sibling support package €75

Added sibling one off call €35

30 minute follow up call €54

(Following from support packages only)

1 week 1:1 message support €40

(Following from support packages only)

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“***** is sleeping all night in her own room the last 2 months.

Stopped feeding & feeding to sleep. She took well to the adjustment.

She started to sleep through the night so we moved her to her own room. She woke once or twice at 1st to check that we were still a call away & she is happy there. We still stay until she's asleep, which is working for us. Thanks for all your help!”

Amy & Stephen, first time parents

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