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gentle little sleepers

I was there too & felt exhausted & overwhelmed

I thought I had it all sussed out when I was pregnant and had completed an amazing breastfeeding

course, along with my 15 years as a Professional Nanny, supporting families, this would be a walk in the park, right? WRONG!

I felt completely lost from the exhaustion and overwhelm of the first 3 days where I felt scared that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed because this felt too hard! I didn't have the natural birth I longed for, I was useless at this, why was I so stupid! These are some of the real feelings that I was having in those early weeks and months.

Then, roll into the next 4 months when I was crying every day, feeling like a failure, feeling

exhausted from the lack of sleep and not knowing what was wrong with my baby and why

he wouldn't sleep for long laying down and the only thing going right, finally was breastfeeding.

Then I met Lyndsey Hookway, The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and all the amazing experts within this huge supportive network and by 6 months, I was telling a completely different story and wished I had this information before I had my baby, things would of felt so much easier.

I breastfed both of my boys until they stopped asking at around 2.5 years. They were both down to one feed a day by then and I was so sad when my second stopped asking. I tandem fed for 1 month with my first having only 1 feed a day but honestly, I found this really hard and was secretly happy to step back from encouraging his morning feed. I admire those who tandem feed and I want to share the realities of my journey for you to know that I'm human, I doubt myself and I come with flaws that make me stronger when I embrace them!

I had to share the knowledge I learned from Lyndsey and team HSCP with every parent,

every childcare provider, every person I knew who was

planning to have or had children.

I dedicated my life to creating support for families who feel overwhelmed about sleep, overwhelmed about their childs behaviour, overwhelmed about their own feelings and struggles.

I made the decision that I wasn't going to support sleep and improve sleep realities for families, I was going to dig deep into my own struggles and give you everything I wish I had before I became a parent.


I'm ready to share with you, get to know you and your little one(s) and walk together!

You matter, your needs matter, you don't have to sleep train your child or baby to improve sleep.

❌Your baby/child is not broken.

❌You are not a failure.

❌You don't have to put your needs above their or theirs above yours to feel better.

❌You are not doing anything wrong.

❌You and your child do not have to fit into a specific box.

❌You do not need to teach your baby the skill of sleep, it's not a skill, I promise!

❌You don't have to struggle on because you want to be responsive and connected with your baby/child.

I was there too and I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to feel this hard.

When it comes to sleep, I have one big dedication, meet your and your little ones where they are with love!

Children do not need to feel alone to sleep well!

All of my coaching comes from simplifying all of the insane information out there around sleep and parenting.

I am here to STOP you turning away from your instincts out of desparation or struggling on with no batteries.

I can help you see and feel it all differently.

I will help you with the day to days of parenting, it won't be just one area, it's all that comes up.

As a Professional Nanny for over 15 years, I can not only support you with sleep. I can support you with anything that feels stressful around parenting, you name it, I can help you.

I am a Sleep Coach that can help you release the overwhelms and embrace your gut instincts.

I support:

😴 Early rising 😴 Late bedtimes 😴 Bedtime battles 😴 Fighting naps 😴 Changing how you settle them without training 😴 Bedtime routine 😴 Frequent waking 😴 Hard to settle 😴 Introducing another caregiver 😴 Going back to work 😴 Nightweaning 😴 Moving on from bedsharing or cosleeping 😴 Moving rooms 😴 Sibling shares 😴 Twins 😴 Preparing for a new baby and more...

Are you ready for me to walk you through a transformational shift in how you see your child's sleep?

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