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For parents who are exhausted & in need of more sleep & less stress!

  • IMPROVE sleep without sleep training or cry it out.

  • LET GO of sleep stress & overwhelm.

  • STOP putting life on hold because you're a parent.

  • START living the life you know you deserve.

  • MAINTAIN love & connection while improving sleep.

So you can take the steps towards better sleep & wellbeing for YOU & your FAMILY.

If you don't know what the real problem is &
sleep is a constant battle, you may be left
feeling confused, exhausted, frustrated & alone!
Join me to feel empowered &
through respectful changes toward
better sleep, health & well being.

18 month old
November Network, 2022

"We joined the 4 week Nightweaning Support Network in November 2022 feeling tired, overwhelmed and hoping for a gentle method of gaining extra sleep for the entire family. We found this and a whole lot more!


Patrice’s support and guidance was invaluable to our family as she guided us through very gentle and slow changes in our routine and each week we found lots of progression for our 18 month old (and the whole family). Our breastfeeding journey was supported and protected throughout and we continue our daytime feeds despite having now nightweaned.


A big takeaway for us was how it was very infant and family focused, each family’s journey is unique and Patrice was very flexible to our own family dynamics and hopes for the network. Thank you very much Patrice and Gentle Little Sleepers. I would highly recommend!"

12 month old
July Community, 2022

"We were spending hours awake in the night & still being up in the morning at 4.30/5am. She was still in our room & we kept putting off moving her into her own room.

After support, she goes into her cot awake, happily & goes off to sleep whereas before, I might have been spending 1-1.5 hours doing bedtime.

The 2 to 1 nap transition was so much easier than the 3 to 2 transition.

She sleeps around 2 hours for her nap & is in bed around 7pm every night, sleeping through to 6.30-7am most days.

I don't have a tracking app anymore, it's all a rough estimate these days & much more relaxed."

21 month old
August Community, 2022

"I really can't thank you enough Patrice for your support which has been 100%.  


We've learned so much and are much more confident and family life at bedtime is so much happier, not just with ***** but ****** too.  


My biggest take homes have been the dedicated one to one time with our children, and knowing about the gentle strategies that exist to progress sleep from those points when being responsive to the child feels like you've taken a step back but knowing now what next steps are so we can actually enjoy 'set backs' if they happen.


Also having experience of 'sleep training' in past, your gentle approach is truly responsive parenting and I'm so grateful to you for sharing all your knowledge." 

gentle little sleepers

All the support YOU need...

The only all round parenting, truly gentle nightweaning & truly gentle sleep support that takes parents from surviving to thriving using a responsive, attachment focussed approach!

Guidance you can trust from a sleep expert with 20 years professionally caring for children & their families.

Sleep consulting, feeding, development, health, relationships & child behaviour guidance you can trust from Patrice, backed up by information from a team of experts in our inclusive facebook support group, The Child Parent Hub.

Before support

“I've just came across your page in the last few days as I follow Lyndsey Hookway. I need help with my little girl and her sleep. She slept for a total of 40 minutes today. It's a disaster and getting her to sleep at night is challenging also. I'm due back to work at the end of February. I need to have a nights sleep before then. I really like the highlights you have on bedtime and sleep hygiene so I'm hoping you can help me. Amy”

Amy & Stephen, 1st time parents

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After support

“***** is sleeping all night in her own room the last 2 months.

Stopped feeding & feeding to sleep. She took well to the adjustment.

She started to sleep through the night so we moved her to her own room. She woke once or twice at 1st to check that we were still a call away & she is happy there. We still stay until she's asleep, which is working for us. Thanks for all your help!”

Amy & Stephen, 1st time parents

Support options

Ready to take steps toward better sleep without any cry it out, graduated strategies or any other modified versions of these strategies?

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