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Welcome to Gentle Little Sleepers

If you're looking for more sleep without leaving your little one to cry, you're in the right place!

Why choose me?

Here I will share who I am, my approach and my why so you

can see if I'm the right fit for you and your family

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Who am I?

My name is Patrice keegan and I am a mother to 2 wonderfully energetic, playful boys who are growing up way too quick.

I am a Holistic Gentle Sleep Coach and before I was a sleep coach,

I was a Professional Nanny with 20 years experience.

I know what it feels like to be SLEEP DEPRIVED and totally CONFUSED about how to help. With the sleep industry so flawed and unreliable, convincing you that you must force independance, you must teach them how to sleep and they must learn to self settle. It's so lonely right?

I thought I had it all sussed out with 18 years of experience with children, parenting would be a breeze, right? I did an amazing breastfeeding course so that would be fine too, right? Wrong!

I felt completely LOST and ALONE in the early months. I was EXHAUSTED, TOUCHED OUT and my ability to be a wife and a friend was BARELY HANGING ON. 


When I found the holistic approach to sleep, it opened my eyes, it allowed me to parent the way I wanted to, it felt INSTINCTUAL and CONNECTED and most of all, it felt FREEING!

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How can I help you?

  • Early rising

  • Stressful bedtimes

  • Late bedtimes

  • Naps and your child's individual sleep needs

  • Dropping naps, short naps, naps out and about

  • Reducing contact naps

  • Finding a new way of settling

  • Moving on from bedsharing

  • Separation anxiety

  • Parental preference

  • Preparing for your newborn

  • Preparing for and managing baby and older sibling

  • Going back to work

  • Settling with other caregivers

  • Frequent night waking

  • Creating a loving bedtime routine individual to your child

  • False starts

  • Development and sleep regressions (progressions)

  • Sleep hygiene, environment and set up

  • Sleep safety and bedroom set ups

  • Sleepy signs and temperament

  • Sleep myths 

  • Managing your own sleep

  • Truly Gentle Nightweaning (14months+)

  • Highlighting red flags and support in referrals

If there are underlying issues affecting sleep, I can direct you to the right professional in relation to the symptoms and behaviours we are flagging and support you in the best preparation to get the right support.

My approach?

After meeting Lyndsey Hookway and The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, my career took a drastic shift and my parenting style and acceptance of what parenting looks like took an even bigger shift.

I had to share this with other families and help them out of the trenches of EXHAUSTION. The holistic approach was the ONLY WAY. So what does it mean? It sounds like some vudu word right? Well, all it means is that instead of focussing solely on one area like behavioural sleep training does, the holistic way focusses on the individual as a whole.

It doesn't focus directly in one area but instead, takes the multiple relevant factors onboard, like temperament, family dynamics, individual sleep needs, background history, sensitivities, and any possible underlying issues that could be at play, this is only scratching the surface.

I truly support every family differently, based on your individual needs and circumstances, your baby and your specific struggles and goals.

There is no one size fits all and you will never find any form of behavioural or sleep training, cry alone or modified versions of these strategies through my support, ever!

patrice gentle little sleepers
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My Why?

I believe that every child is so individual, new and fresh and every child should be treated as such. To do this, we must respect their biological needs, their individual needs and their personality. I learn new things every day from what works and doesn't with different children.

No child of any age needs to be left alone crying to improve sleep and all children deserve a parent that feels comfortable and supported to respond unconditionally day and night.

Our society is flawed, I do not have any anger toward parents, it's toward the lack of evidence based support that takes into consideration the parents mental and emotional health as well as the childs and never favours ones needs over the other, instead brings them together.

If you have sleep trained and don't want to do it again,

you're welcome here.

If you are on the verge of leaving your child cying alone,

you're welcome here.

I come with no judgement, open ears, a warm hug and the support every parent deserves. I will keep pushing toward a future where I

no longer have to prove why it is never wrong to pick up a crying baby or support an older child to sleep when they need it.

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