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This package will help you if you need some tips & shifts to improve your child or baby's sleep. They might be going through a nap shift, you miht have some questions around nightweaning, room swapping, cots, floorbeds, etc. 


You might have some early rising or split nights going on & are looking for some guidance around what you could do to improve things.


Included in this service:

✅Following your intake, including details on your specific circumstances & sleep diary.

✅I will suggest changes based on your child, your specific goals, sleep biology, personality, family dynamics & other factors.

✅Within 3 working days, you will recieve an email response detailing tweaks & changes you can make to improve sleep, answering any questions on your intake & giving guidance on goals you are aiming for.



🔥Gentle Little Sleepers tip sheets.

🔥Pre-consult recording detailing great info around how sleep works & what we can do to help.


€35 for each added sibling

There is no follow up support with this package

Email support package

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