Gentle Little Sleepers


The Gentle Nightweaning Method

The support network that never leaves your child to cry alone, guaranteed!


your breast or bottle fed child using my...

4 step gentle

 nightweaning method,

inside a supportive 4 week network,

where you never have

to leave them to cry alone or feel disconnected.

Having clarity, confidence & connection with your child throughout!

patrice gentle little sleepers

Let's hear how Sinéad shifted from cosleeping, feeding at night, feeding to sleep, early rising, long bedtimes & long awake periods in the night to nightweaning & her little one sleeping in a cot, in her own room.

— Sinéad, Mom to 12 month old, July, 2022


Before support


4 months

after support


Supported by Patrice Keegan,
Founder & CEO at Gentle Little Sleepers & creator of  The Child Parent Hub Support Network

I have been supporting families for over 15 years as a Nanny, Sleep Coach & Parent Supporter.

I have helped over 100 families nightwean their children while respecting & honouring their feelings & personalities.

My approach is bespoke & customized to each family & all support starts with a 1:1 with me to create a bespoke, customized plan with clear steps & all based on a responsive & respectful approach.

I am a Mom of 2 boys under 4 & have nightweaned both of them. I am currently still breastfeeding my 2 year old once per day & we love this closeness, bond & connection we share.

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