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Holistic Sleep Coach - Childcare Professional - Parent Supporter
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Valerie Dromey

Patrice provided us with excellent support . She looks at the whole picture and the many factors that were affecting our little ladies sleep.


There is so much confusing advice out there and she encourages you to block out all the noise and just trust your instincts and that being there for your little one is never wrong.

Her support was invaluable and certainly money well spent . I’d definitely recommend her to help support your babies sleep.

Nicola Walsh

Patrice is exceptional at what she does.

I was an exhausted, anxious mum feeling so frustrated and weighed down by the failed nap schedules and multiple night wakings. I knew I wouldn't be able for the crying out element of sleep training and ultimately it went against my instincts, so I felt there was no way forward, until I found gentle little sleepers.

She is a leading light in a evidence based sleep advice, I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help.

Hilary Neill

Patrice is absolutely wonderful. She is so knowledgeable, helpful and patient and a great person to work with.

She makes sure she asks all the right questions and is very respectful of your priorities and set up.

She provides practical, realistic and supportive advice and help. Highly recommend.


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