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This option includes both guides so you cover all the topics in each guide for the different stages your little ones are at.


These downloadable online guides condense the information I provide to clients, questions i'm asked regularly & ideas for the causes of sleep disturbance & ways to optimise sleep.


All of the information is based on my responsive & respectful style of sleep support & strategies are described with age appropriateness, in respect to the age & stage of your child or baby.


Topics included:


  • How sleep works
  • Sleep averages & normals
  • Interpreting behaviours & emotion coaching
  • Bedtime routine
  • Naps & early rising
  • Regressions or progressions
  • Safer sleep tips
  • Solids, sensititivies & teething
  • Feeding to sleep
  • Nightweaning
  • Respectful strategies for changing things

2 for 14 € Online søvnguider

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