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Support chats

Join to feel confident and connected during nightweaning your toddler.

Feel supported in your questions around nightweaning your toddler without judgement. Ask me anything about my proven Truly Gentle Nightweaning Method.

Next chat date:

Tuesday October 10th 


We will cover:

  • Why building concepts through play can lessen the tears when we nightwean.

  • Why and how to introduce day time boundaries to support nightweaning.

  • The realities around nightweaning, the how to's and what to expect from your toddler or older child.

  • How big your feelings can be and how I can help you hold onto breatfeeding if you only aim to wean in the night and continue feeding in the day.

  • What you don't need to worry about and what really helps during this big change for you and your child.

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