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My name is Patrice Keegan & I am a Holistic Sleep Coach & Parent supporter who helps families listen to their gut & improve sleep without sleep training

  • My biggest job in life is being a Mum to my 2 busy boys

  • I've supported over 500 families over the last 18 years as a nursery key worker, a Nanny & a Holistic Sleep Coach

  • I trained under Lyndsey Hookway on the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, OCN Level 6

  • I am on the Holistic Sleep Coaching register standing for & supporting a responsive & respectful approach to sleep & parenting littles

  • I'm the founder of Gentle Little Sleepers, supporting families of children under 6 years with sleep & all the ins & outs of parenting little ones & managing normal child behaviours.

I designed my support services
based on what parents told
me was missing for them.

Every day I take great joy & happiness in supporting families to feel more reassured, more confident & gain more rest on their parenting journey with their little ones, allowing for more connection & love in your household.

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My Mission

Help families & professionals working alongside families & children to gain clarity around how they can optimise sleep & feel comfortable in understanding child behaviour without punishments, anger, sleep training or leaving any baby or child to cry alone.

My Values

Leading with respect, never judgement. Always loving & caring more, never less.  Always sharing truth & holding honesty. Giving myself wholeheartedly with loyality. Looking for progress, not perfection.

Are you struggling with your infant, toddler or young child’s sleep or behaviours?

Are you tired of reading sleep or parenting advice that contradicts expert advice and feel lost?

Do you want to avoid forced self settling or strict nap schedules?

Have you tried many different sleep options and nothing has worked?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by sleep or your child's behaviours and want to be responsive to your child’s needs, while managing your own as well?

Do you really want change to how your family is sleeping or interacting together & are confused on how you can achieve this in a more gentle way?

Would you like some gentle guidance on helping you understand the normals of your new baby or childs' sleep or behaviour?

Are you looking to prepare for the arrival a new baby?



Am I the right Coach to help you and your family?

This picture is a raw view of my first days as a new mum after 2 intensive days in hospital, establishing breastfeeding. I felt confused, ecstatic, terrified, fatigued, in awh of all parents, while in true love with my little bundle I waited my whole life for.

I will always recommend responsive strategies that will pair with bonding and respecting your little one and yourself. I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone for any period or give any guidance that is not factual, responsive and evidence based. I will always respect that you are the expert on your child and you know what is best for your family.

Your child and your family are unique and this is my main approach when helping families, each meeting is unique and support given is based on your unique family’s need’s. There is no one size fits all here!! I will not provide set schedules or confusing strict guidance and all strategies, techniques and overall plans will be chosen by you

for your family.

Book your free 20-minute intro call with me so we can get to know each other and you can determine whether my style of sleep guidance will suit your family?

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