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Become the parent you were born to be with the only all in one place sleep & parent support!

  • BECOME the parent you want to be.

  • Gain more sleep & more time for YOU.

  • STOP putting life on hold because you're a parent.

  • START living the life you know you deserve.

Want to learn how you can change your

sleep storywithout the cost of a 1:1

or content filled course?

So you can learn how to create your own, customized, easy to follow sleep plan to take the steps towards better sleep & wellbeing

for YOU & your FAMILY.

If you don't know what the real problem is & sleep is a constant battle, you may be left feeling confused, exhausted, frustrated & alone!
Join us to feel
empowered & supported
through respectful changes toward
better sleep, health & well being.


6 month old
July Hub, 2022

"I just want to say a big thank you for your support in the last 3 weeks, we have made great progress, stopped rocking, stopped the crying at bed time and naps and got longer stretches at night and no more resettling for naps.

We also feel much more equipped for the months to come from all the information and documentation you provided.

When we started, I was so tired and I had little hope things could improve because we didn’t really trust our parenting skills, you made us much more confident in our abilities, we loved all the shares and you kept it real."

12 month old
July Hub, 2022

"We were spending hours awake in the night & still being up in the morning at 4.30/5am. She was still in our room & we kept putting off moving her into her own room.

After support, she goes into her cot awake, happily & goes off to sleep whereas before, I might have been spending 1-1.5 hours doing bedtime.

The 2 to 1 nap transition was so much easier than the 3 to 2 transition.

She sleeps around 2 hours for her nap & is in bed around 7pm every night, sleeping through to 6.30-7am most days.

I don't have a tracking app anymore, it's all a rough estimate these days & much more relaxed."

Simon & Steph,
3 year old
August Hub, 2022

"This experience has been life changing for our family. 

We've worked with sleep consultants in the past. They've been ruthless with their time and their methods were harsh. Definitely not focused on the wellbeing of the child. This experience has been the polar opposite.


Now, we've gone from 5am wake ups every single day, for months on end, to 7/8am wake ups, 11 hour sleeps, a happier child and happier household. 


We trust you have armed us with all the tools we'll need to continue your great work, not just on sleep, but all of the other parts you've supported us with. Thank you again." 

gentle little sleepers

All the support YOU need...

The only all round parenting & sleep support hub that takes parents from surviving to thriving using a responsive, attachment focussed approach!
Guidance you can trust from a sleep expert with 20 years professionally caring for children & their families.

Sleep consulting, feeding, development, health, relationships & child behaviour guidance you can trust from Patrice, backed up by information from a team of experts.

Before support

“I've just came across your page in the last few days as I follow Lyndsey Hookway. I need help with my little girl and her sleep. She slept for a total of 40 minutes today. It's a disaster and getting her to sleep at night is challenging also. I'm due back to work at the end of February. I need to have a nights sleep before then. I really like the highlights you have on bedtime and sleep hygiene so I'm hoping you can help me. Amy”

— Amy & Stephen, 1st time parents

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After support

“Ellie is sleeping all night in her own room the last 2 months.

Stopped feeding & feeding to sleep. She took well to the adjustment.

She started to sleep through the night so we moved her to her own room. She woke once or twice at 1st to check that we were still a call away & she is happy there. We still stay until she's asleep, which is working for us. Thanks for all your help!”

— Amy & Stephen, 1st time parents

Support options

Here are some ways you can take the steps toward better sleep & well
being for you & your family

Which fits best for your family right now?


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