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Conor Daly Lusk Dublin June 2020

We had a troubleshooting call with Patrice regarding my 3 and 5 year olds sleep, chaotic bedtimes and early mornings. After filling out diary and questionnaire, Patrice was well prepared for our call and gave very helpful and useful advice in a non-judgemental, supportive way. After implementing some changes, we saw a big improvement in sleep, with less stress at bedtime and not as many early mornings. Thanks so much Patrice from delighted parents.

Catherine Delahan Dublin August 2020

I highly recommend Patrice's sleep guides. I was so happy when I recieved my sleep guide for 0-6 months from Patrice. I loved how honest she is about her own experience as a new mam. We all have our struggles as a new mam. Patrice explains things in a very clear and understanding way. She has given me loads of very helpful tips. My now 5 month old son, only ever slept short cat naps during the day, he is now going for longer naps, thankfully and just started sleeping through the night now also.

Thank you Patrice

Catherine and Oran 

Danielle Walsh and Lorcain Watt September 2020


I just want to take a couple of minutes to thank you Patrice in helping myself and Louie with his sleep he's really doing wonderful now all thanks to you very helpful techniques one very happy Mammy and Daddy here we feel great getting a good night sleep thanks again Patrice Lorcain Danielle and Louie

Sarah Verso Ryan February 2021

I've known Patrice personally for a number of years through work, we were both Nannies is the same suburb and met regularly at playgroups and kids activities, so when I was having doubts about my own newborn sons sleep and nap patterns, she was the first person who came to mind to help us. She is such a calming influence and very knowledgeable on all things sleep, I felt instantly calmer about everything after watching her talk on naps, to share so much information at such a great price point means that her and her knowledge are accessible to all. If you want a sleep coach that doesn't use a "one size fits all" approach, don't hesitate to contact Patrice at Gentle Little Sleepers.

Gemma Lambourne March 2021

Patrice is great, scheduled a call to suit me in New Zealand so I didn’t have to be up super early or late even though she is in Ireland. So helpful for me and my family and also helped hugely to put my mind at ease that what I’m doing is right for us. Great advice for going forward on our sleep journey to hopefully make any changes gently and respectfully to our little one. It was wonderful to talk to someone who understood that crying it out was absolutely out of the question. With her help I can parent how I want to and still get some sleep!

Yvonne Heery April 2021

Patrice was a great help to our family when we hit a rough patch with are Son's sleeping. She really helped us set up good foundations and after just a few nights we noticed a real improvement. I'd definitely recommend her services if you're looking for a gentle approach to helping your little one (and yourself) get better sleep.

Amy Vero May 2021

Patrice is worth her weight in Gold.
I was very nervous about getting help with my babies sleep. I needed someone who was going to listen to us as a family and help figure out what we needed. Patrice did this and more.
The support Patrice provides is next to none. she's is available and extremely helpful. She's is genuinely interested in how things are going and is keen to help adjust issues to get the best outcome.
I would highly recommend Patrice and won't hesitate to contact her again in the future.

Stephanie Fleming April 2021

Patrice is so patient and supportive and very knowledgeable. She doesn't just help you with managing sleep she helps you to cope when sleep is going badly for you. She's so lovely and gentle, highly recommend!

Sarah Culhane June 2021

Patrice is a very caring and compassionate sleep consultant who takes a completely holistic approach. She fully engages with her clients and is genuinely interested in your individual situation. After carefully listening to the challenges we were facing she provided us with a detailed, but realistic and flexible plan that has allowed us all to get more sleep. If you're looking for someone who can help you to cut through the noise of all the confusing (and somewhat misleading) sleep related information available online, Patrice's research backed approach to infant/toddler sleep is refreshing and a great support for new parents.

Amy Fogarty September 2021

​Patrice is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is exceptionally professional, diligent and unbelievably clear in all of her messaging. When it comes to Infant Sleep, she is a fountain of knowledge and she is absolutely brimming with passion. The way she speaks about the topic of sleep, is almost akin to being wrapped up in a warm hug. Patrice is the kind of sleep coach that looks at the big picture and truly advocates for the developmental needs of the infant, whilst showering parents with compassion, support and guidance. Her knowledge is not one dimensional either – she is knowledgeable in many areas and skilfully signposts group participants to a variety of non-sleep related research when required. Patrice presented to our Infant Mental Health Learning Network, in Dublin North East. This group consists of a wide range of health, education and social care professionals. The group members thoroughly benefitted from and enjoyed all of Patrice’s insight and expertise. I look forward to working with Patrice again in the future.

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