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The Gentle

Nightweaning Network

28 days of support
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January 9th 2022
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Feel love & connection during 

with a clear set of customized GENTLE steps

My 4 step attachment focussed method will...

  • Support you in the steps to improve sleep before nightweaning.

  • Support you in preparing yourself & your toddler/child for nightweaning.

  • Give you clear, customized, tailored steps to nightwean your toddler, respecting theirs & your feelings.

Are you ready to nightwean your

toddler/child with expert support?

Let's hear how Sinéad shifted from cosleeping, feeding at night, feeding to sleep, early rising, long bedtimes & long awake periods in the night to nightweaning & her little one sleeping in a cot, in her own room.

— Sinéad, Mom to 12 month old, July, 2022

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There are choices...

It doesn't have to be only one way! You can listen to their needs & build steps to suit you & your child & you can prepare you & them in respectful ways before you start.

And that very thought keeps so many parents stuck.

"It's too hard, I can't get less sleep then I am now!" 

Or the fear of wasting the next year trying to stop but never getting there.

And most parents who get stuck and stay stuck,

might be feeling...

  • Overwhelmed on where to start.

  • Like no one gets it & there's no support.

  • Frustrated & stuck, trapped in a reoccuring cycle.

  • Like you're only one who can support your child to sleep.

  • Nearing burnout with very little energy left.

  • Fed up with the overwhelming, generalized information out there.

Whether bottle feeding or breastfeeding...

I hear you & feel you, as a parent of 2 boys who were parent led nightweaned, one at 9 months, the other at 15 months, I wish someone had been able to show me how it doesn't have to be so SCARY, OVERWHELMING or EXHAUSTING.

Like the many families I supported through nightweaning, you too can complete this journey maintaining connection & love with your child, without feeling immensley guilty for making a decision that may help you & your family, where you are right now.

There are far too many families in the gentle parenting category, stuck & struggling, feeling like there is only one way & no way out.

That is the reason I am starting this ongoing support network, to take the GUILT out of nightweaning your toddler/child.

  • If you feel like you are really ready to nightwean, there is no perfect age, time or limit, only you know when the right time is.

  • If you feel like this is what you were looking for to support the next step in your sleep journey.

  • If you're ready to support them back to sleep in other ways at night time.

  • If your child is over 14 months of age.

Then this is the right support network for you!


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