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Go Hungry for Gaza 3 Day Challenge (Fasting is optional)

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🍛 Join us in a meaningful challenge to support families in Gaza by participating in a 3-day fast. I am an Irish mother of 2 who has set up 2 go fund me pages for two families, currently displaced in Rafah. The money raised will be used to support them and their relatives that make up 17 and 20 other families. I will share footage of the families we are supporting for this challenge eating meals in their tents in Rafah and you can join and just take in the story, share the challenge and raise awareness. You do not have to do the fast if you don't want to! ℹ️ Challenge Overview: During this 3-day fast, we will follow a basic 3 day menu that I created with the help of the two Gaza families, I will share real footage of them in here eating the foods on the menu. By sacrificing a small comfort, you can help provide essential aid to families in Gaza who are in need of support and assistance and raise awareness. If we go over our goal on the go fund me pages, I will donate the overflow to aid for the North of Gaza who are currently in the worst conditions. This is for those who want to raise awareness and funds for Gaza, are eager to help those in need by taking action to show solidarity and provide direct support. You are in good health and not pregnant or breastfeeding. 🧠 How Hard will the menu be? We have created this menu including the daily foods these families have access to like hummus, bread, beans, tomatoes and tinned meat. It is designed for you to be able to follow, including 3 small meals each day. 🤝 Join Us Today: Make a difference by joining our 3-Day Fast to Help these Families in Rafah Gaza. Together, we can help fill these two go fund me pages and join in solidarity while we participate. You can also join and just follow along with others in sharing and donating. Here is the families stories adn go fund me pages: Muhammad and Ismail's family Hisham's family

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